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Discover Barcelona: La Barceloneta

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La Barceloneta is much more than a fishing neighborhood in Barcelona. The area that we know today as La Barceloneta is what remains of the city’s old fishing district, which people began inhabiting in the eighteenth century, combined with the excitement of a beach area. Perhaps this is the reason, this mix of old-world charm and modern coastline, that make a walk through La Barceloneta today feel like you’ve turned a corner and ended up somewhere that’s not Barcelona.


La Barceloneta hasn’t lost the smell of sea and fish and the flavor of a small Mediterranean town, while looking at the sea and hosting hundreds of tourists, who come from across the world to enjoy the most modern amenities. It is still home to the most exquisite cuisine and the Barcelona that opens, splendid as always, before visitors’ eyes. All this can be found in La Barceloneta.

La Barceloneta is one of those undiscovered neighborhoods where everyone can find what they want among the varied offerings.

In gastronomy, La Barceloneta is one of the best spots to try fresh fish and seafood at some of the best restaurants in town.

But it is also a neighborhood full of taverns and bars to eat tapas and taste the most typical: la bomba, a potato dumpling stuffed with meat and accompanied by the classic chutney or all i oli (garlic mayonnaise).

Beyond the table, La Barceloneta is a place rich in history, as evidenced by its churches, including the baroque Sant Miquel del Port in the Plaza de la Barceloneta, and by its monuments, like the one that was built in honor of the dancer Carmen Amaya, who was born in this neighborhood when La Barceloneta was also a place of gypsies and shanties.

In contrast to this old Barceloneta, there is the Barceloneta where stands the W Hotel stands, majestically, one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in the city. Designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill, the Vela hotel also hosts one of the best restaurants in the city, Carlos Abellán’s Bravo24, and one of the most unique pubs, Eclipse, which is located on the 26th floor of the hotel, and which offers one of the best panoramic views of the city.

And near the beach, the modern and tourist touch takes over the seaside charm of the neighborhood. Clubs with international DJs, mojitos and sushi restaurants are here in the middle of it all.