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Things to Do in La Barceloneta

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Walking along La Barceloneta is like walking through any village with Mediterranean charm. It's like leaving Barcelona without forgetting that within a few miles, maybe meters, lay the wonders of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Barcelona.

La Barceloneta, a former fishing district consisting of low row-houses, allows you to enjoy the cuisine, bars and pubs with the most maritime flavor of the city. Here are some suggestions for leisure and entertainment in La Barceloneta, so you can get to know the beach of Barcelona and the neighborhood that names it:

1. Go to drink a vermouth to the Cova Fumada.

They claim to be the creators of the “bomba" (breaded potatoes stuffed with meat). and offer some of the best tapas in La Barceloneta. This place has an informal and homely atmosphere, with antique barrels and marble tables that all give a vintage touch. Definitely try their calamari, octopus, and silverfish.

2. To eat at the Òstia...

La Barceloneta is the neighborhood of the Òstia. Not because it is that ... amazing ... but for other reasons: Some say that ostia means door in Latin and that La Barceloneta was the first neighborhood built outside the walls of the city, outside the gates. Others say that the first inhabitants of the district of La Barceloneta came from the Italian port of Ostia. Either way, the Òstia today is one of the restaurants with the most maritime flavor of La Barceloneta. It is not to be missed!


3. … or in Can Ros

This Barceloneta classic restaurant is now more than 100 years old--in 1911 this restaurant got its start as a warehouse. Today, all these years later, the grandchildren of the founders are keeping the spirit of Can Ros and Barcelona’s seafood cuisine alive. ****

4. To have a cocktail at Café de los Angelitos

This spot features signature cocktails and tapas to whet the appetite, right in the center of La Barceloneta. From the famous “Three Sips” Martini cocktail to Havana mojitos, Bloody Maries, Manhattans, and Caipirinhas... It’s a good place to start an authentic night out in La Barceloneta.

5. Dinner on the beach in Sal Café.

An innovative concept: A beach bar with Mediterranean recipes (normal so far) combined with... Japanese, Brazilian, and Balinese cuisine!

6. To have an ice-crem in Vioko

Cool decoration for a very fashion-forward ice-cream shop, right in the middle of La Barceloneta. They have 50 flavors of ice cream, some of them as surprising to the palate as whiskey with nuts, or mojito.

7. To buy a detective novel at Negra y Criminal

One of the best bookstores specialized in detective novels in Barcelona is here in La Barceloneta. The best meeting place for detective novel aficionados!