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Our 10 favorite restaurants for a “special” evening (II)

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6. Restaurante Botafumeiro.

A Barcelona classic, which has been frequented by international politicians, world-famous personalities, established artists from the five continents, and the greatest athletes in the world. It is also one of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona thanks to the work of its chef, Moncho Neira, and top quality products. It is located at 81 Carrer Gran de Gracia.

7. Alkimia

Another restaurant awarded with one Michelin star in the 2013 guide thanks to the talent of its chefs Sonia Profitós and Jordi Vila, who not only works as the head of Alchemy, but also as the director of the kitchens of Vivanda restaurant, the Velodrome, and the Moritz Factory--some of the most important establishments in Barcelona. Alchemy is located in the street Industria.


8. Comerç 24

Comerç 24 is one of the restaurants by Carles Abellan, the renowned chef of one of the city’s best hotels, The W Hotel of Barcelona. In Comerç 24, this disciple of Ferran Adrià offers his own tapas in order to "demystify the haute cuisine and offer it in a contemporary scenario at reasonable prices." Without giving up, of course, product quality and creativity.

9. Caelis.

This French-oriented restaurant is located in the Palace Hotel of Barcelona (formerly the Ritz of Barcelona). In charge is the chef Romain Fornell, the only French chef who has been awarded with one Michelin star in France and Spain. He is also a great expert in the art of combining tradition and innovation in his own creations that he has been able to adapt to the local palate.

10. Via Venetto

This classic of Barcelona's haute cuisine was loved by the great Salvador Dali: He always sat at the same table in the restaurant and would put on ​​surreal "performances,” such as asking the owner for raw sausages, to hang them like pearl necklaces on his female companions. This fantastic example of the Belle Époque design style, which followed Barcelona’s traditional modernist movement, is directed by José Monje and Pedro Monje. This year it has been awarded again with one Michelin star for its cuisine. It has been visited by such famous figures as Woody Allen, Richard Nixon, Pelé and Cristopher Lee.