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Our 10 favorite restaurants for a “special” evening (I)

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Do you want to ask her to marry you, and want to do it with a glass of champagne in your hand after dinner in one of Barcelona’s Michelin-rated restaurants?...

Maybe that's too conventional.

Maybe you prefer to take him or her to a special restaurant simply because today is today. Because he or she deserves it.

Or maybe you are the one who deserves this adoration! Or you simply want to celebrate that you're happy to have met each other with a great dinner at a restaurant in Barcelona. Haute-cuisine--now that cooking reality shows have become so fashionable.

Maybe it has nothing to do with romance, and you want to impress a prospective client with a dinner at one of the best restaurants in Barcelona.

Well, if so, here are some suggestions for you. Our top 5 favorite fine restaurants in Barcelona.

1. Restaurante Salamanca.

One of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona is located in La Barceloneta district, just off the beach. It is famous for its seafood, paellas and hams that are fresh from the region that names the restaurant, Salamanca. It is also the place for mythomaniacs and groupies: it is common in Salamanca to spot famous athletes (Barça, to be exact), actors, and television hosts.

2. Restaurante Abac.

Awarded with two Michelin stars in the November 2013 edition, Chef Jordi Cruz is not only revered within the culinary world, but has also become a famous personality through his participation in the TopChef competition. The cuisine offered by Restaurante Abac is, in its own words, "Evolutionary and restless, based on the product and where coexist both creativity and tradition.”*** The restaurant, which is also a modern hotel, is located on Tibidabo Avenue.

Jordi Cruz, the Chef of Restaurante Abac.

3. Restaurante Enoteca.

This restaurant, located in the Hotel Arts on the street Marina, just few minutes walk from La Barceloneta, is another that has just be awarded with two Michelin stars thanks to the innovative Catalan cuisine of Chef Paco Pérez. Local ingredients, with a particular emphasis on fish and seafood, all of which is paired with one of the 500 wines from the restaurant’s winery.

4. Restaurante Moments

This is another fashionable restaurant among the most exquisite palates of Barcelona, thanks to the work of the chef Carme Ruscadella--the most awarded female in the cooking world, with six Michelin stars--together with her son, Raul Balam, another master of the kitchen. He also hails from the kitchens of Sant Pau, specifically, the restaurant in Sant Pol de Mar where Ruscadella began to forge her legend. Moments is located in the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona hotel, on Paseo de Gracia. They define their cuisine as "neo-traditional". Oh, is that all?

5. Restaurante Lasarte.

Martín Berasategui in Barcelona? Well, yes. The famous Basque restaurateur brings some of the magic that has made him one of the best representatives of the new Basque cuisine, which is offered at his prestigious restaurant in Lasarte. In Barcelona, ​​Paolo Casagrande leads the kitchen team, combining the all-star classic dishes of Martin Berasategui with his own innovative offerings, created especially for the Lasarte. The Lasarte restaurant is located in the Hotel Condes of Barcelona, on ​​Mallorca street.

Still want to know more? There’s more coming in our next post...