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La Barceloneta at night: a review of the nightlife

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One of the many nightlife options in Barcelona is located on the beach in La Barceloneta. Frequented by tourists and locals at the seafront of La Barceloneta are some of the hippest bars in Barcelona. Here, we recommend some of them to you. And pay attention to the first and last ones--both the very best of Barcelona.

1. IceBarcelona

The world’s first ice bar on the beach, and something to be experienced at least once in life. It is experimental and avant-garde atmosphere, at five degrees below zero, whose ice decoration changes, of course, every year to surprise people coming back time and time again.


2. Absenta

This little place is full of small treasures, such as its 20 different varieties of absinthe and its personal library of classic literature. To drink in a different way during a night out in La Barceloneta!

3. Sotavento

More than just a restaurant, Sotavento has a large dance floor, VIP area, chill out space, and terrace. All of this, plus two different musical offerings, makes Sotavento an indispensable element of Barcelona nightlife.

4. Opium Mar

With modern decoration and an air of luxury, this restaurant is transformed into a club at night, featuring both local and internationally-recognized DJs.

5. Zahara Cockatil Club

This is the ideal place to taste the best cocktails on the Juan de Borbón promenade. Its modern interior, with leather sofas and coffee tables, are the delight of tourists visiting Barcelona and the beach on La Barceloneta.

6. Shoko

A cocktail bar and restaurant with fusion cuisine (it has won the Santi Santamaría prize) on the seafront of La Barceloneta, this is a good place to start--and maybe even to end--the night in La Barceloneta.

7. Eclipse Bar

One of the most sophisticated nightlife options in Barcelona is this glamorous lounge located on the 26th floor of the Vela hotel.