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If you are a keen angler, Barcelona is a great holiday destination, as you can fish in the Mediterranean all year round. It is a great place to catch Bluefin Tuna, and it is not necessary to go too far from the shore.

It used to be thought that Bluefin Tuna migrated through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Atlantic in September, but it is now known that huge numbers of these sea monsters stay in the Mediterranean all year round. Certainly, they are more difficult to catch in winter, as they don’t feed as aggressively as they do in the summer time, but you can still hook into the big ones.

Very often, in winter, a big school of tuna is hit when trolling for demtex with live bait. In December and January, tuna can be caught by chumming.

The smaller fish (in the 65 lb to 95 lb range) can be caught in April by casting with streamers, poppers, and all types of jigs. The fish don’t feed as much during the second half of May and June, as they are spawning, but once they have finished with that they are extremely hungry and will hit anything that they can get.

This is the time – in July, August and September – to catch the really big boys. The fish will feed all day long, and when you get in the middle of school in a feeding frenzy, it is truly an amazing experience. The fish are leaping out of the water all around the boat, and so are the mackerel and sardines that are trying to escape them. You can cast right into the middle of a sea teeming with huge fish, and you will often find that a big Bluefin takes your lure before it even gets into the water!

Then you have got a fight on your hands, as the huge fish rips the line off your reel. The excitement has to be experienced to be believed.

Not only can you catch big Bluefin Tuna off the coast of Barcelona, you can also catch Amberjack, Marlin, and Swordfish, among others.

If you have never tried your hand at deep sea fishing, but want to learn, one of the captains organises a novice fishing course on the first Sunday of each month. For just €80 you get a full four hours of fishing with instruction from the captain, all of the tackle, bait, insurance, licences, tax, and drinks and snacks.

Make sure that you come to Barcelona and enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime, as the captain puts you among some of the biggest fish you will ever catch.