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Fully equipped rental apartments barcelona

ARTS APARTMENTS is a very personal project that arises from my own experience: Like any good traveler, I soon discovered the discomfort of staying at hotels. I thought then that for you visiting my city it would be much more comfortable to stay at an apartment in Barcelona than at any hotel. And it would be much better if that apartment was in La Barceloneta, next to the beach of Barcelona, ​​in an old fishing neighborhood that is well-connected and only five minutes on foot from the center of Barcelona.

After this idea, I had to set up my own rental apartments company in Barcelona. And I did it.


ARTS APARTMENTS rents fully equiped apartments in the beach of Barcelona, La Barceloneta, and with many advantages against competitors.

  • ARTS APARTMENTS is an independent company based in Barcelona. This allows us to offer a hosting service in our apartments very close to the customer, facilitating the resolution of problems that may occur.

  • Staying in our fully equipped apartments in Barceloneta allows you to save money on breakfast, lunch and dinner, in addition to being much more comfortable than staying in a hotel.

  • Renting a short term apartment in Barcelona is up to 25% cheaper than sleeping in a hotel. And this makes sense: hotels have to keep staff and a big infrastructure, we don’t.

  • Our apartments are recommended for holidays, business trips and meetings in Barcelona.

  • The ARTS APARTMENTS staff consists of both a Spanish and a foreign team that will help you in your language and will inform you of any details you want to know in order to enjoy Barcelona.

  • ARTS APARTMENTS is designed for travelers looking to rent an apartment in Barcelona with a strong personality and prefer the authenticity of an apartment to the coldness and impersonality of a hotel room.

  • The rental apartments at the disposal of ARTS APARTMENTS in Barcelona are spacious flats with one or two rooms, personally selected for their good locations and attractive decorations.

  • Renting an apartment in La Barceloneta allows visitors to rest in a fishing town, on the beach of Barcelona, ​​and to be close to the Gothic Quarter.

Therefore, because if I were to Barcelona, I would like to be offered something like what we offer, I started ARTS APARTMENTS. Because I want people visiting my city, Barcelona, to feel how I would like to feel when visiting theirs.


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